FarmVille is a farming social network game developed by Zynga. It is a clone of Farm Town,[2][3] and is similar to older games such as Harvest Moon.[4] Gameplay involving various aspects of farm management such as plowing land, planting, growing and harvesting crops, harvesting trees and bushes, and by raising livestock.[5]It is available as an Adobe Flash application via the social-networking website Facebook and Microsoft’s MSN Games,[6] and as an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It is currently the most popular application on Facebook,[7] with ten percent of all users playing.[8][9] The game is a freemium game, meaning there is no cost to play but players have the option of purchasing premium content. he main way a player earns farm coins is through harvesting of crops or visiting their neighbors. The player does this by paying coins for plowing a unit of land and for planting crops, such as tomatoes on it, finally harvesting them after a certain amount of time has elapsed. The amount of time it takes for a crop to mature, and how much money a crop yields when harvested, is dependent on the crop planted and is noted on its entry in the “market” dialog.[11]

Status: Working          Downloads: 43,875